Simple Mirelurk Eggs and Items

Adds Mirelurk Eggs to the game. With TTW, also adds Steamed Lakelurk and tweaks the original items.
This mod adds Mirelurk Eggs into the game via mirelurk egg clutch loot. Mirelurk Eggs use the container's model, but with added physics. They don't heal that well, but are one of the higher value mirelurk items. Some containers have also been replaced with this new item.

With the Tale of Two Wastelands version, this mod also adds a Steamed Lakelurk item which can be crafted with Lakelurk Meat. This "completes" the set of items for a TTW game. Mirelurk and Lakelurk ingestibles have also been given their own slight niches, they both heal the same but Mirelurk items heal at a faster rate and Lakelurk items have more spread out healing.

Requires Point Lookout.

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