TTW 3.3 ESP-less Quick Start

Allows to skip introduction quests and start in front the Vault 101 door.
I was rebuilding my TTW modlist, and noticed that RoyBatty's quick start mod went a bit out of date. Nothing critical, overwritten headtracking fix here, missing sound fix there, but - such things tend to pile up. Roy's mod has closed permissions, and that means it is time for a new quick start mod.

The idea is the same - you start in front of the door out of Vault 101, holding most stuff you would pick up through the Vault 101 sequence.

What's new:
  • This is a scriptrunner mod, without modifying any records. Runs once on new game, you can even remove it after you leave the vault.
  • Disables the annoying autosave right after start, cluttering the savegame menu.
  • Like in Roy's version, adds items from the framed quote safe, but instead of simply adding those items, it moves items from the safe instead, fixing the ability to loot it twice. If you don't want it, open gn_ttw_quick_start.txt and remove the corresponding block.
  • Having the ability to open skill menus in arbitrary order could lead to unexpected results. If you chose your skills, and then updated your traits or SPECIAL stats, your skill stats would change automatically without you knowing it. To present consequences of your choices more clearly, all three stat screens are accessible through a single button and  shown one by one in the same order as in normal game start.